Dorm Cleanliness Competition

Dorm Cleanliness Competition

Lydia Park ’21

Cartwright (top) and Cutler (bottom) tied for first place in the Dorm Cleanliness Competition. The Athenaeum (left) received an honorable mention.

In Mid-September, Mrs. Buck announced a Dorm Room Cleanliness Competition during Morning Meeting. In the midst of the pandemic, the school has been stressing sanitization to ensure minimal spread of germs. Mrs. Buck and Dr. Kent decided to inspect the dorms and choose the cleanest dorm during Study Hours. The incentive, a dorm feed, encouraged several dorms to vacuum floors, organize closets and wipe down drawers.

Numerous students put in effort to clean their rooms that night. Chelsea Dodson, a resident of Cartwright, pointed out that the girls in her dorm rushed around to put final touches on their rooms. She said, “I hurriedly made my bed and shoved strap papers into my desk drawers. My roommate and I emptied our half-full bins last minute.” When Mrs. Buck and Dr. Kent walked into the dorm, the girls were ready to reveal their speckless rooms. Dr. Kent had nothing to comment on but the decor of their rooms. Long House was deemed “pretty good.”

However, there were dorms that did not prepare for the competition. The Seymour House, a sophomore boys’ dorm, still had unvacuumed floors and messy rooms. Regardless, Mrs. Buck and Dr. Kent were amazed by everyone’s effort that night.

During the next Morning Meeting, Mrs. Buck announced the winners. The A received a respectable honorable mention. Cartwright and Cutler tied for first place. The seniors and PG’s made triumphant cheers as their dorms were announced. Although the student body was surprised by Cutler’s win, Mrs. Buck highlighted their attention to detail such as folding toilet papers, vacuuming the floor and welcoming the inspectors with energy. The great incentive of hot, delicious food inspired the community once again. Mrs. Buck hinted that a Dorm Cleanliness Competition might happen again throughout the year without notice. This competition ensured a sanitary environment in dorms, and people hope that this continues to reduce the dire consequences of the pandemic.

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