Class of 2021 Awards

Class of 2021 Awards

The Kenyon College Book Award is presented to Camille Wheeler as a member of the junior class who embodies the highest level of intellectual engagement, creativity and commitment to community that are central to the liberal arts and sciences.

The University of St. Andrews, Scotland Book Award is awarded to Elie Aoun, an outstanding junior who has shown a commitment to international engagement and understanding.

The Kurdzeil Award honors Hunter Amos for her outstanding commitment to and excellence in instrumental music. 

The Princeton Book Award is awarded to Yixuan (Alice) Huang, the member of the junior class who has achieved the highest record of distinction with the five core academic disciplines: English, history, language, mathematics and science.

The Oberlin College Book Award honors Carl Zhang as a junior who shown a commitment to the science arts in the high school or local community. He also won Rensselaer Medal Award, which honors a junior with superlative academic achievement, especially in science and mathematics. 

The Bryn Mawr Book Award honors Elizabeth Krapf as a young woman in the junior class who exhibits a self-directed and purposeful vision of her life and a desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world. 

The Williams College Book Award honors Xinyi (Joy) Tian as a junior in the top five percent of the class who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and has made a significant contribution to the extracurricular life of the school.

The St. Lawrence University Book Prize honors Helena Souffrant as a junior who has displayed a significant commitment to community service. She also won the University of Rochester Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony Award for demonstrating strong commitment to social justice and human rights issues.

The Dartmouth Book Award is presented to Khushi Chawda, a member of the junior class who ranks in the top 10 percent of her class, demonstrates strong character, has made a positive contribution to the school community, excels in at least one nonacademic area and is a candidate for entrance to a competitive college or university.

The Franklin and Mary Barlow Award honors Jillian Reef for her energetic perseverance, positive dedication and commitment to her studies, and for maximizing the benefits afforded to her by WRA.

The Harvard University Book Award honors Vivien Marmerstein as an outstanding junior who combines excellence in scholarship with achievement in other fields. She also won the Joel B. Hayden Award as the best all-around student in the junior class, considering scholarship, student activities, and leadership.

The Yale College Book Award honors Delia Rabatin, who through her persistence and effort has set an example for her classmates in the totality of intellectual, athletic and extracurricular endeavors. She also won the George Eastman Young Leaders Award for her strong involvement in extracurricular and leadership aspects of school. 

Bausch & Lomb Science Award

Hunter Amos ’21

Rensselaer Medal Award

Carl Zhang ’21

American History Writing Contest 

First Place: Zhiyi (Selma) Wu ’21 

Second Place: Yixuan (Alice) Huang ’21 

Third Place: Elie Aoun ’21

World History Writing Contest 

First Place: Jana Buchtova ’22 

Second Place: Annie Cui ’22 

Third Place: Arthur Johnson ’22

Honorable Mention: Katya Luchette ’22

Honorable Mention: Vivian Zhou ’23 

Corrine Van Dame Davis Award

Jillian Reef ’21

Taylor Harper ’22

 Portrait Photos from the WRA Directory

Academic Award Photos from the WRA Facebook

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