“Across the Divide” Brings WRA Together

“Across the Divide” Brings WRA Together

Claire Lovas ’22
Contributing Writer

 Dancers in KFAC perform for a socially distanced audience. 

This year’s fall dance performance “Across the Divide” was showcased over the weekend of October 17th at the Knight Fine Arts Center. The performance consisted of dances set to music from artists such as Noah Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Lauv, and Julia Michaels. Mrs.Velbeck, Director of the WRA Dance Program, recalls, “We had Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Hip Hop featured in our showcase. I loved all of the dances in Across the Divide. We had great variety, and the dancers portrayed so many different emotions. They did a wonderful job with our concept and in performing the range of emotions all of us felt and continue to feel during the global pandemic. We had dances that celebrated the highs and showed the lows. All of the dancers, Mrs. Anzaldi and I and the audience members could relate in some capacity.”

Compared to past performances this one was truly like no other, considering the global pandemic. The dance program experienced a lot of pressure to do well in a short amount of time while still practicing proper safety protocols and conventions, but ultimately prevailed with the final product. “We always knew there was a good chance that the dancers would perform with masks. We told them this from day one and luckily they transitioned well when we moved to the stage and during tech week. The students did a great job. Some dances were harder than others depending on the length of the dance and the tempo. They powered through it and did a wonderful job.” added Mrs.Velbeck.

Over the years the energy provided by the crowd and the support from the students and faculty has always been a big part of the program. “I thought the performance went really well and I’m impressed with the number of people that signed up to come ,and I’m glad they did. We appreciated the support,” said Jimena Oliva ’22. Unfortunately, limiting most of the student body to watch through a broadcast completely changed the mood to the performers. Usually, the entire auditorium is filled with screaming and excited students, supportive and spirited teachers, as well as proud parents, but this year with the reduced capacity allowed, the people who attended did everything they could to encourage and boost up the performers’ spirits.

Overall the dancers, directors and audience agreed the show was a great success. “I could tell all the dancers worked really hard, and I was impressed that they were able to come together and create a performance in such difficult circumstances,” admired Ellie Mcgregor ’22. With only half the time to prepare the dance compared to a usual year without COVID, the outcome was quite impressive.

“Completing the dances an entire month earlier than in years past was difficult. Mrs. Anzaldi and I both had moments where doubt and fear set in. However, the change in schedule benefitted us. Seeing each class every day gave us more time to finish and clean the choreography,” Mrs. Velbeck reflected. This module was all about experimenting which means that from here on there is only room for improvement and growth for the shows to come.

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