Schaeffer Says Farewell

Schaeffer Says Farewell

Jasmine Wheeler ’20

Mrs. Janet Schaeffer has been helping to tutor students at Western Reserve Academy since 1972. During her time on campus, Mrs. Schaeffer has worked tirelessly to help students improve their academic skills in the Academic Center. Though she worked part-time, she was notable for taking the time to meet students whenever they needed her help, be it during a scheduled block period, school nights, or weekends. Additionally, students recognized her for her willingness to answer any questions fielded her way clearly and patiently, with compassion in spades. While thinking about what made Mrs Schaeffer such a pleasant presence on campus, Mrs Chlysta recounted that she’s “someone who cares. Someone who doesn’t grade, but sees and recognizes student growth and dedication. Someone who helps kids laugh and put their challenges into perspective.” Upon retiring this year, Mrs. Schaeffer will spend her new free time helping take care of her Aunt Betty and visiting her grandchildren in Chicago. We will certainly miss her dynamic and compassionate presence on campus!


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