Sacha Segways to New School

Sacha Segways to New School

Jacob Grossman ’20

Mr. Cullen Sacha came into the Reserve community in 2016, the same year that much of the class of 2020 joined WRA. Many freshmen had him for Ancient World History, some juniors had him for US History and a select few even had him for AP US History. Many also had the privilege this year of seeing Mr. Sacha 2-3 times a week during CL Philosophy. Students who took his classes greatly enjoyed Mr. Sacha’s interesting commentary and witty jokes. A dignified conversationalist, Mr. Sacha is able to turn any topic into a fun and engaging discussion, whether it’s about the nature of identity in the classroom or the current state of the Atlanta Hawks or Falcons franchises while he’s doing check-in at one of the many dorms he volunteered at. Although he only taught on the lawn’s wide sweep for four years, Mr. Sacha’s impact on the community is enormous, serving as a phenomenal teacher, and a better guy. We wish him all the best wherever he goes!

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