Jasmine’s Editorial

Jasmine Editorial

Jasmine Wheeler ’20

I can still remember my first encounter with the Reserve Record vividly. No, it wasn’t the luring temptation of free pizza that drew my attention, nor was it a threat from a friend of mine to sign up for an article or else (though these are strategies I’ve since used to lure in new voices for the paper). What caught my attention was an email forwarded to the whole school offering applications to become a page editor.

From Lois Lane to Ida B. Wells to Upton Sinclair, I had always idolized journalists as a child. My favorite museum in the world was the Newseum, and if you would have asked me about my dream career, I would have told you “muckraker at the turn of the 20th century”. Combined with my lack of access to school-sponsored writing groups as a homeschooler, it makes sense that I threw everything I had into the three or so questions in the Google Form application.

Of course, my application was quickly declined; even if it weren’t for the fact that I was a freshman with absolutely no prior experience on the Record, I lacked any experience at all. Rather than let this discourage me, however, I persisted. I signed up for articles throughout my freshman and sophomore years, gradually taking on more work and developing my talents until I became a page editor and eventually a managing editor, achieving that dream I had held for so many years.

My advice to incoming members of the Record staff is to remain persistent in the face of defeat and stick close to your passion. Even if you don’t get the position you want, remember that being a part of the newspaper staff, ultimately, is about the writing. Try to stick close to your passion and see where it takes you. Even if you don’t end up the top leader, you will still have work you are proud of and love.

My idea of a dream career has shifted dramatically during my high school career, and I leave uncertain of my passion. I do know, however, that the hours I poured into working at the Record are some of my most valuable moments at this school. From taking inventory of the Record Room to embracing the warm copies of the first newspaper I worked to publish, I can only look back on the hard work with a smile.

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