James’s Editorial

James Editorial

James Doh ’20

May 21st, 2020: I go on Snapchat, and as I always do, I check one of those flashback moments. In one of those flashbacks, I see myself one year ago from today with four other members of the Reserve Record celebrating the end of the school year at One Red Door. Tonight, I write my last ever article for the Record, but unlike other times, I am stuck in quarantine, writing at home—not my dorm room, the library, or the beloved Record Room in Seymour. Reflecting on the flashback moment, I simply wish I could go back in time and meet, talk, interact, and work with my fellow Record staff members—my friends.

For me, the Record has been about building connections and forming ever-lasting friendships with so many different people. Yes, I’ll admit: I first joined the group just so that I could throw a few lines in my college applications and say I wrote articles for the school newspaper. When I attended the first ever meeting, however, the sense of obligation to turn in everything on time suddenly transformed to an unexpected fascination—from realizing that there were so many different roles involved in the publication process, to seeing how friendly everyone was, especially to the new freshmen, to of course, getting to eat pizza. The Record became my home.

Certainly, the best part of the Record has been the people I’ve met: Andrew Song ’19 and Romir Basu ’19, who always teased me about how terrible my page was even though they were the ones who always submitted everything late, which practically made them have no rights to criticize me in any way whatsoever; Steven Yang ’19, who also told me my page was terrible, but I couldn’t really say anything back because you know, it’s Steven; Jasmine Wheeler ’20 and Ilyana Smith ’20, who became my right hand by always being there to unlock the Record Room after I unfortunately lost my access due to some unforeseen circumstances; Chloe Zelch ’20, with whom I spent many Sundays in the Record Room editing pages for 7 hours while criticizing Vijay’s page; and of course, Vijay Sastry ’20, whose page was always very good, but I just said we criticized his page because we never really did, but he’s just fun to mess around with and is the ultimate meme—and also one of my best friends (I love you, Vijay).

I can go on this list forever, but for the sake of word limit, I’ll stop here. I really miss you all. I only wish I could be with every single one of you on the staff and celebrate another successful year. Even though we can’t have a feast at One Red Door, know that I only think about the time we will meet once more.

Love you all,

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