Ilyana’s Editorial

Ilyana Editorial

Ilyana Smith ’20

Being a part of the Reserve Record for the past four years has truly been an experience. I have vague memories of writers’ meetings freshman year in Old Seymour, where there was pizza (sometimes no plates, but that was fine) and pop (sometimes no cups, which was less fine). I applied to be a page editor for my sophomore year, and that led to me spending two years editing the arts page (and finding things for people to write about—and people to write those things—was often rather difficult given my lack of artistic involvement at WRA). Then came this year. Working with Chloe, James, Jasmine, and the rest of the Record staff as a managing editor has been a really great part of my senior year. I no longer had to edit the arts page, and Jasmine and I took the time to organize the many, many, many previous editions of the Record stored in the file cabinets of the Record room. Well, we took the time to start organizing them.

One of the best parts of being a part of the Record has been the opportunity to stay connected with happenings around campus. As I said before, my artistic involvement is minimal, to say the least. So editing the arts page gave me the opportunity to learn what was happening in the world of art at Reserve. When I wrote articles, I got to interview fellow students and learn their opinions on everything from the Quizbowl team going to nationals to the school’s absence of snow days. And editorials and coins allowed me to figure out my own opinions. Plus, writing Eggplant articles was just really fun. So, although I doubt my career path will take me to anything related to journalism (or, indeed, the humanities in general), I am never going to forget my time with the Record, and I will carry with me everything I have learned.

To everyone returning to Reserve next year—if you are not yet involved with the Record, get involved; it’s a fantastic experience! If you are already involved with the Record, I can’t wait to see what you make of it in the years to come!

And to my fellow seniors, best of luck to you next year! I can’t wait to bond with all of you at class reunions over losing our senior spring to COVID.

Goodbye, Reserve!

Ilyana Smith ’20

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