Gieske is Gone

Gieske is Gone

Elie Aoun ’21

Mr. Hardy Gieske has been teaching at Western Reserve Academy since 2017 when he joined as the Chair of the Math Department. His wife, Mrs. Vanessa Gieske, who was the Associate Director of Admission Marketing and Relations, and their two children, will be leaving this year with him. Mr. Gieske taught a number of different courses like Math 21, 32, and 43, and he was also a coach of JV Boys Tennis and JV Boys Soccer teams. Mr. Gieske was passionate about teaching math and said his favorite part of his job was “working really closely with his math colleagues to create the best possible math experience for Reserve students.” He also emphasized how he loved the kindness and warmth of the community, and he believes we should all strive to build and foster a greater sense of community in these uncertain times. This fall he will move to Massachusetts where he will teach at Deerfield Academy. He has helped countless students grow and learn to love math, and we will greatly miss his presence on campus. We wish him and his family the best of luck in their future endeavors!


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