Doe Draws Career to a Close

Doe Draws Career to a Close

Camille Wheeler ’21

Mr. Alan Doe began his Reserve journey many years ago. In his long time at WRA Mr. Doe has taught two-dimensional art and photography, held a position as a department chair for the Arts, has received the J. Ward and Marian Keener Prize, the Parents Chair for Distinguished Teaching, and recently the John W. Hallowell Sabbatical. His influence on campus was unmissable as Mr. Doe’s passion for the arts was evident in his careful teaching and one-on-one guidance with students. During his time at Reserve, Mr. Doe finished many independent projects, continuing his career as not only a teacher, but an artist. Most recently, Mr. Doe took a trip to Japan on sabbatical, photographing the country. Mr. Warner said in regards to Mr. Doe: “For decades I have been fortunate to see the world through the lens of Alan’s camera. He has shown me the beauty of our school and of the world, and at this time in our lives, I think we need him and his vision more than ever.” His artistic presence and guidance to all the young artists on campus will be sorely missed, and the Reserve community wishes him luck on all his future endeavors!

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