Campos-Nava to a New Continent

Campos-Nava to a New Continent

Elizabeth Krapf ’21

WRA is sad to see Ms. Aida Campos-Nava leave its lawns wide sweep this year. Campos-Nava’s love for adventure, living all over the world, is known all throughout campus. Her curiosity and need to experience how life is lived all over the world has led her to visit many cities in North and South America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. She even lived in Spain for a whole year! Her global knowledge has allowed her to increase and develop tolerance and understanding among her students through her courses. We are all happy to see that Ms. Campos-Nava will be traveling post Reserve to a teaching job in Myanmar! When asked about her experience in the class Vivien Marmerstein ’21 said, ”Señora was an incredible, energetic, and passionate teacher who taught me so much about language and culture. I will never forget all the fun times I’ve had in three years of her class!” Adios, querida Señora Campos-Nava!


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