Bon Voyage, Borrmann (For a Year)

Bon Voyage, Borrmann (For a Year)

Isabella Folio ’22

As Western Reserve Academy heads into a new school year this upcoming fall, the community will be saying a temporary goodbye to one of its most senior faculty members, Mrs. Christine Borrmann. Mrs. Borrmann has spent 30 years teaching French, and her love of the language is part of what is inspiring her sabbatical. Her plans for the approaching school year include travel and the chance to expand her studies. While some of her plans, such as visiting other French programs in boarding schools, as well as travel to French-speaking areas such as Nova Scotia, Québec and Martinique, may be impacted by the current global pandemic, she expressed interest in completing goals as completely as she can while staying safe and healthy. At the very least, she will have the opportunity to spend more time with her children. The WRA community wishes her luck in her pursuits, both personal and educational!


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