Mr. Gerber Raises Tuition by $10,000 to Support Community Minecraft Server

Mr. Gerber Raises Tuition by $10,000 to Support Community Minecraft Server-Gabriel Grapes

Last week, Mr. Gerber sent out an email stating that he will raise the tuition of every student by $10,000 to support a new campus-wide Minecraft server. “In keeping with Mrs. Buck’s commitment to joy,” Mr. Gerber said, “the Technology Department would like to provide every student with the opportunity to unwind by playing Minecraft with their friends.” This addition to student life is scheduled to be implemented at the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

The extra money gained from raising the tuition will be used to fund the server itself, buy anti-cheat plugins, and purchase many new gaming computers on campus for those who cannot play on their laptops. The server will support a variety of game modes to cater to the interests of every student, such as regular and modded survival, factions, skyblock, creative, and countless minigames.

Many prominent gamers in the school have expressed their approval for the new server. One student exclaimed that they “really love Minecraft” and look forward to “slaughtering every underclassman who logs on to the server.” Other students, however, are concerned about the fiscal implications of this change. When asked, one anonymous student responded: “Yeah Minecraft is great and all, but don’t I already pay enough to go here?” Overall, the program has been received positively by the overworked and stressed student body.

When asked about this school-wide change in an interview, Mrs. Buck explained that “studies show that playing Minecraft daily increases one’s joy” and that “this will be remembered as a turning point in Reserve’s history to a happier direction.” Furthermore, she rebuffed the financial and health concerns of the project, stating that “even if students ruthlessly kill each other to obtain resources and cease sleeping entirely, it will bring the community closer together, and you can’t put a price on that.”

The Minecraft server will allow students to relax by making awesome builds (Source: Reddit)

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