Top 10 Napping Spots on Campus

Top 10 Napping Spots on Campus-Kitty Kiwi

10. MAC concessions. Honestly not the best place to take a nap because of how many people walk past and how loud the MAC usually is, but we work with what we’ve got.

9. Ellsworth dining hall. Also not ideal, but it would be nice if you have the dining hall all to yourself and you just lay your end on a table (fold yourself like a pancake).

8. Empty Seymour classroom. Just push a bunch of desks together and sleep on top of all of them! Easy.

7. Senior space. Only catch is that it’s only for seniors and it’s almost always occupied… but if you’re truly committed, you can kick the seniors out for your much needed nap.

6. Hayden! It’s a perfect place to find a cozy spot to curl up in, and it’s even better if you can hear the choir, band, or orchestra playing as you fall asleep.

5. That couch on the third floor of Seymour. Sure, everyone in Mr. Hoffman’s classroom will be able to see you dozing off, but if you were really fatigued, you would still do it.

4. KFAC floor. Usually pretty quiet, so just grab your winter coat, lay it on the ground, plop on top of it, and goodnight moon.

3. Wilson reading room. The reading room is also pretty quiet, and there are a lot of couches, both big and small, to fit your napping needs. I’ve taken a few nice naps here. Also a good place to just close your eyes and rest before a science class.

2. The John D. Ong Library. They have that nice, long, couch that you can lay your entire body on and just have 75 minutes of pure gold during free periods. My best naps have taken place on John D. Ong Library couches.

1. Your own dorm room. And if you’re a day student, I’m sorry.

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