Ding Ma ’20 Moves to the President’s House after the New Food Ordering Policy

Ding Ma ’20 Moves to the President’s House due to the New Food Ordering Policy-Levi Lemon

“Like twice a day,” Ding Ma ’20 responded when asked about the number of times he orders food every month. From a simple cheese pizza from Papa Johns to sublime Szechuan seafood from Noble House, Ding knows every restaurant around campus. Ding even remarked, “Have you tried Canes? I know it’s far away from campus, but we can always hire someone to pick it up.”

For a food aficionado like Ding, the new food ordering policy by the Student Life Office surely upset him. The new policy, which prohibits WRA students from picking up delivery food on campus except for Woodhouse, Ellsworth, and the President’s House, provoked anger out of Ding, as he expressed, “Reeeeeeeee! What about my Hunan of Stow?”

As a resident of Bicknell House, Ding was disappointed that he was no longer allowed to pick up his food right in front of his dorm. “This whole new policy makes me want to not live here anymore,” Ding commented. Not surprisingly, Ding moved out of the dorm the next morning, according to one of his roommates Quan Vo ’20, who remarked, “Reeeeeeee! I can’t steal Ding’s food anymore! Ahhhhhh! James, don’t film me.”

Ding ended up at the President’s House. When asked why he chose the President’s House over Woodhouse and Ellsworth, Ding asserted, “I’m the president of ordering food! And Ellsworth just reminds me of bad food, and Woodhouse, you know, just sucks.”

As you walk by the President’s House, whether during the school day or study hours, you will likely see Ding waiting outside the House for his food. Peter Rong ’20 said, “I don’t really go to the library that often, but when I do, Ding’s always standing outside. He orders too much.”

Ding remarked, “this is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.” Congratulations Ding, for not having to walk somewhere else to pick up your food!

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