Brandt Aker Decides to PG Again

Brandt Aker Decides to PG Again-Alex Avocado

With the introduction of the coronavirus into American society, hordes of students are suffering. This illness not only takes lives, but it is also stealing the most anticipated part of high school from the class of 2020. Their senior slide is more like a slanted chair, prom is nonexistent and graduation is rescheduled to the distant future. But no one is suffering as much as a certain Post Graduate, horrifically forced to miss out on his second senior year and third prom. Brandt Aker ’19 ’20 ’21(?) is many things, but absolutely no one can say that he settles when unsatisfied. He is clearly not content with simply one and a half senior years. Due to this, he has decided to grace Western Reserve Academy with his presence for another year, making his total time as a student a record-breaking five consecutive years. He already has big plans for his second PG year: “I’m going to put as much effort into next year as the school is into having us here this spring.” Perhaps he will run for Student Body President again, or maybe even replace Mrs. Buck as Head of School-the opportunities are endless. With a schedule full of the most advanced classes WRA has to offer and plenty of new experiences, the top colleges around the world will be fighting for this young man to join their class of 2025, or 2026, or whenever he decides to leave. While finally attending college is an exciting endeavor, remaining here will mean he has the opportunity to graduate from the same school three times and receive three alumni ties. Despite all this, his decision stems from his one main goal saying, “I’m just hyped to attend three alumni reunions.” I believe Brandt Aker’s record-breaking years as a PG perfectly answers the question our school places before us, “What will you pioneer?”

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