Mrs. Skinner Begins Rapping to Educate the Student Body

Mrs. Skinner Begins Rapping to Educate the Student Body-Micky Mozzarella

In the past few school years at Western Reserve Academy, the student body has been put through more music-related trauma than necessary. Without naming names, let’s just say that musicals and music videos have shed their fair share of negative light. The students of Reserve dreaded the idea of any more music productions. However, this school year, their perspective completely changed after an unlikely artist took the stage: Ms. Skinner. The Dean of Student Life brought a new method of education through her very own rap songs. She wrote, produced and performed these works of art on her own and after just a few songs, Ms. Skinner was able to single-handedly revolutionize musical productions at WRA. She transformed the groans of disappointment usually heard at morning meetings into cheers. In fact, audiences have become so familiar with all her works that they have started rapping along. When Ms. Skinner tries to end shows, the WRA community begs for an encore and chants one of her many stage names which include “ Lil Skindawg”.

Something to note about Ms. Skinner’s raps is that they all contain some sort of message. She started her career as a rapper in order to communicate her announcements with more pizzazz and charisma. Now topics such as food ordering policies, leadership positions, and dress code are not only fun but entertaining as well. In addition, since audience members now want to rap with Ms. Skinner, they have an incentive to remember the information. Walking through campus, you can hear students mumbling the lyrics that they remember from their last visit to the chapel. Since Ms. Skinner has yet to release anything on SoundCloud, Spotify or Apple Music and phones aren’t allowed at the morning meetings, fans are only able to work with what they remember. It takes hard work and dedication. Ms. Skinner has inspired the people of WRA to aim for higher goals and to actually listen during Morning Meeting, and it’s all thanks to her phenomenal rapping skills.

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