An Interview with Dr. Kent’s Fedora

An Interview with Dr. Kent’s Fedora-Uriel Ugli

Interviewer/Me/Ellie: So, Dr. Kent’s Fedora, or, how would you prefer me to address you? Mr. Fedora? Dr. Fedora? Kent’s Fedora?

Mr. Fedora: Mr. Fedora

E: Mr. Fedora, how long have you belonged to Dr. Kent?

MF: Well, I’ve belonged to Dr. Kent for the last 30 years, but I’ve remained an heirloom of the Kent family for at least a century. A fedora is a common accessory found throughout our generations.

E: What’s your opinion on the student body as you see us from a whole new perspective.

MF: Well, when standing outside with Dr. Kent, I am always consistently disappointed at the large group of students that regularly attend classes fifteen minutes late. Also, you would think with that extra fifteen moseying around they maybe would go and brush their hair or something. Like come on guys, it’s really not that difficult.

E: That is true, you do have the best placement to observe hair care at Reserve. Best handled hair in the school?

MF: Joey Houska, hands down.

E: And why is that?

MF: That girl doesn’t know what bedhead is. Sometimes I’m worried she doesn’t know what sleep is.

E: Don’t we all want a little more sleep. Now, where do you stay when not perched on top of Dr. Kent’s head

MF: On the window sill, watching all you students scamper out to downtown Hudson. It’s nice to be surrounded by such a community.

E: Is Dr. Kent aware of your sentience?

MF: I don’t believe so.

E: A few students have some questions. Does Dr. Kent use body wash or shampoo?

MF: He uses six in one.

E: What are the ten steps to world domination as the student body has concluded Dr. Kent is on step five, whatever that may be, but we have a sneaky suspicion you, Mr. Fedora, are on step seven. Like the bowler hat from Meet the Robinsons.

MF: I have absolutely, not a single idea or even one little inkling of what you are talking about.

E: …

MF: …

E: … Well thank you Dr. Kent’s Fedora for joining me here today and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day on the coat rack.


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