Students Stressed Out by Trying to be Joyful

Students Stressed Out by Trying to be Joyful-Crystal Coconut

Joy! Joy. That delightful, fulfilling catchphrase scrawled in every email and all over the WRA website in a cute, quirky handwritten font. Mrs. Buck’s promise of joy has arrived on campus, physically manifesting in our hallowed halls and all across the lawn’s wide sweep.

Students have certainly begun to feel it too. “She tells me there’s joy, so I feel joy!” remarked one anonymous senior. “Or is it an illusion? Am I so focused on chasing joy that I am alluded by an apparition of happiness, of contentment?” The student then proceeded to sit by the hockey pond and throw stones into the rusty water pensively. Certainly, he is just replenishing his joy levels. Nothing to see here.

Every student is thriving on our now joyful campus, languishing in endlessly sunny days and practically skipping across Brick Row for morning classes. “I’ve never felt so alive! Why didn’t we proclaim this concept of joy earlier?” one sophomore said excitedly. The magic of the word has found itself thriving and growing in the souls of the WRA community, like a sunflower blooming in spring and towering over all the other flowers. The campus practically glows, and application numbers have increased dramatically. Tuition has also been slashed due to an influx of donations by alumni appeased with the sudden change.

Faculty are embracing our new school motto with open arms, incorporating joy into the everyday curriculum. “We’ve learned joy’s etymology and written personal essays about how we can create joy, but I’ve also made sure to have the students chant joy and think about the word really hard for like, thirty seconds at the beginning of class. It’s almost tangible!” remarked an English teacher.

Shockingly, some students are failing to feel the warm embrace of joy. “I can’t do it!” One freshman wailed. “I knew Reserve was stressful with a big workload or whatever, but I can’t do it! There’s too much pressure to be joyful, and I just want to live up to Buck’s expectations. Can we go back to when everyone was sad?”

Recently, Mrs. Buck got her hands on TikTok and decided to “Joy Check” students with a nifty contraption from the WIC. “It measures how joyful they are on a scale from 1-10. If they’re less than an 8, we send them to a remedial joy class. We need to ensure high scores!” Buck’s program promises success, with a lasting educational touch on her goal. The above freshman is one of the first in the remedial classes and has been seen around campus smiling and not complaining about where he is going to leave his backpack. Joy Check passed!

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