The WRAp

Reserve’s premiere late-night talk show, The WRAP, is like Reserve’s very own Saturday Night Live. Only instead of being hosted and performed by celebrities, it’s hosted by Noah Frato-Sweeney ‘20 and Henry Ong ‘20 and performed by an assortment of Reserve students. I know . . .even better! The show references great and memorable Reserve moments such as last year’s ceiling tiles fiasco in the boy’s locker room, the Woodhouse microwave fires, and of course, Ding Ma. Besides the great skits and hilarious acts, what makes The WRAP so special is that everything “The WRAP” is 100% created through the hard work and creativity of the cast and crew. The resulting jokes are relatable and in good Reserve spirit. Plus, who doesn’t like a show where you, as an audience member, could literally be made fun of in a well written, well-performed skit?

The WRAP debuted last year with a huge success: the audience greatly enjoyed the show and some students even stated that it was their favorite event at Reserve. If you missed the WRAP for some unthinkable reason last year, or if you are a new student this year, you can check out The WRAP’s first show on Youtube by searching: “The WRAP May 2019”. Watch the video to learn all about the show — or if you just miss Spenser Valentine’s adorable face (as I’m sure we all do).

This time around, the cast and crew are looking to expand the show in it’s second year. The cast is in the process of creating a whole new show with original skits and jokes that are just slightly more PG this year, but even more entertaining. (Although, I have to say the “Poop Package” was a legendary bit).

This year The WRAP will feature performances about Morning Meetings, Students Who Care, the Student Section and many other Pioneer moments in the form of satirical comedy.

The cast is currently working very hard on preparing a show for the school. Make sure to catch them soon on February 15th, or the spring show on May 2nd.

 – Daniel Li ’21

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