The Night of Cultures, Cuisines, and Celebration

Reserve’s culture night is the annual celebration of our rich and diverse student body, hailing from 25 countries and 26 US states. This year, the celebration will take place on February 16, 2020 in the Murdough Athletic Center. The Reserve community will come together to learn from our peers about their heritage as they share experiences from home through presentations and musical performances featuring traditional instruments, songs, and dances. This year, there will be about twenty presentations ranging from 1-4 minutes each. Students who attended summer programs such as the Jump the World program to Guatemala for Spanish scholars, the ELISA trip which travels to different places around the world each year, and the annual trip to China for Mandarin scholars will also be sharing their experiences. The Global Initiatives ECHO taught by Señora Lopez will also give a presentation on their ideas for making the world a better place.

The community also looks forward to the delicious afterparty where we will try different cuisines and converse about the different cultures we come from. This year, students will get to experience delicacies from Korea, China, Russia, England, Indonesia, India, Romania, Germany, and different parts of the United States.

This year’s new language SPAR students: Alexandra Bayliss, Ella Bump, Sara Franquesa, Jimena Oliva, and Lala Nguyen along with the Modern and Classical Languages Department organize this event with great enthusiasm and diligence. The SPAR students also will be announcing a surprise theme for the community this year and a poster-making competition to advertise the event. This new SPAR program hopes to raise awareness about the strong language department at Reserve to the community and beyond. The students also plan cultural events like the Day of the Dead altar and an upcoming Classics Day in the spring.

For all freshmen and first year language students, Culture Night is mandatory — but no one would want to miss out on this amazing celebration of Reserve’s mixture of cultures and Madame Borrmann’s iconic chapeau. So when Sunday, February 16th rolls around, dig out your traditional attire and come hungry!

Khushi Chawda ’21

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