The Good Lie

Students gathered on January 20th to commemorate MLK day by watching The Good Lie. The film was shown in several locations, including, but not limited to, the Chapel, Seymour and the library. After the movie was shown, an engaging discussion was held and facilitated by teachers and staff.

The movie follows the story of sudanese children whose parents were killed by northern militia. Due to the scary circumstances, the orphans made a long trek to a refugee camp in Kenya. Fast forward thirteen years, Theo and his siblings are given the opportunity to travel to the US to start a new life. When they arrived, they were greeted by a Kansan, Carrie, who was given the task of helping them find jobs. Carrie helped them create their new lives in America and they ended up helping each other in unexpected ways. The film featured the well known actress Reese Witherspoon, actors Arnold Oceng, Ger Duany and Emmanuel Jal. Emmanual will be coming Reserve very soon to speak to the community about his story.

After watching the film, the teachers in the assigned rooms lead the conversations. Students were randomly put in different rooms, giving a chance for students from all grade levels to interact with each other and contribute to the conservations. Deep questions regarding the movie and similar topics were asked and talked about. The movie and discussion truly brought awareness to the community and reminded Reserve how truly blessed the community is to attend a wonderful school.

To many students, the change to the traditional MLK movie festival turned out to be a positive experience. For many years, MLK day was celebrated by a movie festival in the evening where students were given the chance to choose from an array of movies and then had a short discussion after. One student, who wished to remain anonymous thought that the whole community watching the same movie was uniting and that it was a fresh change to MLK day. A sophomore, described the movie as “touching the heart”.

It was a truly great experience and opened the eyes of many students. Reserve is looking forward to meeting and having the opportunity to talk with Emmanuel Jal in the upcoming future. Thank you to Ms. Donnely for the great movie recommendation and for arranging the community to have a chance to meet Emmanual.

-Lauren Jacot ’22

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