Service Day

The 25th of January was quite a busy day for juniors and seniors, who went on the annual service trip organized by Ms Boesch. Along with our usual choices of destination, the Akron Food Bank and Haven of Rest, there was a third, new option: a simulation of homeless living designed by the organization Habitat for Humanity. In this exercise, students get an idea of what it is like to try to find a job as a homeless person. Each participant gets a piece of paper describing their income, number of children, and other relevant information created for the simulation. Their goal is to find a place to live in. About eight faculty members on campus act as the owners of these living areas, many of which are shelters. Everyone must try to find a place to stay, but it is not easy. The participant may be rejected because their income is too high. Other times, students found themselves on a long waitlist. By the time it was their turn, the house had already been purchased. A lot of students ended up having to choose the shelters, and even those only provide residence for a limited time. This interesting experience had students thinking about the difficulties that people face when on the hunt for places to stay. Delia Rabatin 21’ said that experience taught her that a large portion of finding residence in real life is based on luck.

The group of seniors that went to the Akron Food Bank helped the shelter prepare an astonishing number of twenty seven thousand meals. When asked what she took away from the experience, Ellie Frato-Sweeney 20’, commented that she learned “not to touch frozen food for too long, or your hands will be cold”. They also learned that one out of five children in Akron have food insecurity. As always, the Akron Food Bank trip put things into perspective for Reserve kids and made them feel good about helping the community. The third group visited Haven of Rest, where they colored hundreds of Easter themed cards designed to lift resident’s spirits. Thank you to Mrs. Boesch and all those involved in the organization of another successful service day!

 – Danielle Liu ’22

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