Royal Family Drama

On January 8, 2020, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced a momentous decision to the world through Instagram. In their post, they said they intended to step back as senior royals, work to become financially independent, and decided to split their time between North America and the United Kingdom. One of the main reasons for their step down was to escape the Royal Rota system, the selective press groups chosen to cover the Royal Family, and instead support small media organizations and up-and-coming journalists. While this greatly surprised the whole world, the surprise was probably biggest for the rest of the Royal Family, who were not given the heads up about the big announcement. Many reports say the family was greatly upset and disappointed with the couple’s decision to keep this announcement to themselves. To add on top of that hurt, the couple also decided to drop this announcement and the drama that followed right before the Duchess of Cambridge’s birthday. The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, tried to make light of the situation and asked palace officials to come up with a plan for future senior royals wanting to step down. The Queen went on to schedule a summit in Sandringham (one of the royal family’s estates in England) to discuss the terms of the couple’s exit. Finally, on January 18, ten days after the couple’s initial announcement, the palace released a statement that an agreement had been reached. The terms included Harry and Meghan forfeiting their royal titles, no longer receiving public funds, paying back the tax money used to renovate their house, paying future taxes on their house themselves, and not being able to formally represent the Queen anymore. This deal will go into effect in spring of 2020, and will be revisited after a year to see if it is effective.

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 – Katya Luchette ’22

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