Environmental Art Class with Mr. Buck

Art is one major tool a number of people use to represent their ideas, and these ideas include environmental ideas. Beginning this year, Mr. Buck has offered students a half-semester course called Environmental Art. Environmental Art not only focuses on artistic aspects, but also brings attention to environmental issues through artwork.

There are many art courses offered at Western Reserve Academy including Stagecraft, Choir, Dance, Digital Engineering and lots more, but Environmental Art is unique. In Environmental Art, students often use materials from the surrounding environment, such as wood, rocks and leaves, to express their ideas. These ideas are about raising awareness for environmental issues such as air pollution, or they can be directed towards benefitting the community. This class also provides a refreshing break from the usual classroom to get outside, and students are even allowed to switch to warmer clothes if needed. Danielle Liu ’22, who was enrolled in Environmental Art last semester, describes this course as very interesting and interactive because she could use unconventional materials to extend her art experience. Her project with Pritam Garcha ’22 was made using trees around the campus with colorful strings and threads tied with geometric shapes. Garcha and Liu stated that they wanted to add more color to the school campus and did it in connection with nature.

Image of the project Danielle Liu ‘22 did for her Environmental class.

Environmental art is offered for either semester, and according to the changing seasons, differing art pieces will be presented with different themes. From all of the art courses offered at WRA, Environmental Art not only offers unique experiences dealing with unconventional materials, but also provides an opportunity to express one’s thoughts about an issue. Norah Woods ’22 describes the class as “a great and interesting way to incorporate art and the environment in one.” If you wish to take a different art course for a special experience, you should definitely consider Environmental Art.

Shin Lee ’22

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