Camille Wheeler – Artist of the Month

Meet Camille Wheeler ’21, the artist of the month! You may know her from Western Reserve Academy’s Quizbowl Team. Some of her other hobbies include playing tennis and softball, reading books and learning about history. One of her talents that stands out is her ability to create amazing artwork. Wheeler doesn’t restrict herself to one platform but rather experiments with many different forms of art. Her favorites types of art at the moment are figure drawings, paintings with oil paints, watercolor paintings and pencil portraits; however, other art forms of artwork that she’s interested in are photography, illustration, animation and more.

Ever since she was a kid, Wheeler has always had an interest in art, and she attributes this to many different reasons. Her parents encouraged her to continue with this passion by always ensuring that she had a sketchbook and art supplies at hand. Another thing that has given her the drive to continue her passion for art is the fact that her mother is a very talented artist as well. Despite all this, it wasn’t until her sophomore year in Mr. Doe’s art class, that she considered art as a potential career. Mr. Doe encouraged her to apply for the Interlochen Arts Camp. It was there she learned that she had a lot of patience when it came to making artwork. Wheeler had also taken Mr. Doe’s photography class which led her to win a Gold Key in Photography at the Scholastics Art Awards. She has also been doing more commission art lately as well. The time that she takes to create these stunning pieces of work can range from one hour to fifteen hours depending on the size of the piece she is working on.

Her inspiration to create these works stems mostly from studying past artists. In Dr. Robinson’s CL Art History Class, Wheeler learned about many new artists and movements that she then decided she wanted to incorporate into her work. Wheeler has also been influenced by certain movies like Dead Poets Society and Kill Your Darlings as well as the music and art of David Byrne. Some artists that she looks up to are Egon Schiele and Denis Sarazhin since she enjoys the way that they create expressive figures through color and linework.

As for her plans for the future, during the summer Wheeler plans to attend the Summer Residency at the Art Institute of Chicago and hopes that through this she will be able to put together an exhibition to show her artwork at the Hudson Historical Society and potentially in Chagrin Falls as well. She also hopes to become a museum curator as well as a freelance artist. We can’t wait to see what amazing art pieces she’ll conjure up next!

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