Minecon & Mario Kart Tour

The end of September marked a turning point for two massive video game franchises: Mario Kart and Minecraft. Mario Kart, Nintendo’s family-friendly racing series, released a new game in the franchise called Mario Kart Tour, the first mobile game in it. Minecraft, the blocky open-world game and the best selling game of all time, held its annual MineCon convention and revealed a game-changing update is coming soon.

On September 25, Mario Kart Tour was released for iOS and Android devices. The game is free to download and is played with only touch screen controls. The goal of the game is to collect Grand Stars by racing through the different courses. The game has received mixed reviews so far. While many people have praised the quality graphics and simple controls, others have criticized the game for its lack of online multiplayer (set to release at a later date) and its monthly $4.99 Gold Pass feature that is required to unlock a lot of additional content.

On September 28, Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, revealed at MineCon that the Nether dimension will receive a massive overhaul alongside several minor additions to the game. The Nether will soon house its own unique biomes, including the barren Soulsand Valley and colorful Netherwart Forest. The Nether will also feature a new Piglin mob and Piglin Beasts. In addition, Mojang announced the mountain biome will be revamped after it was voted on by the community. Minor additions to the game include the new bee mob, honey, honey blocks and target blocks. The update was well-received by the Minecraft community, though many players were hoping for a cave update. Finally, a new dungeon crawl game was announced called Minecraft Dungeons. All of this is set to release in early 2020.

-Elie Aoun ’21

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