Casey Weinstein

Last week Casey Weinstein, Summit County’s representative in the Ohio House of Representatives, visited CL U.S. History students during a class period and lunch. Weinstein has the distinction of being the first Democrat to hold this seat since its beginning. His political focuses lie in issues of environmentalism and veteran’s affairs. As a veteran himself, Weinstein offers an insider’s perspective into the life of a former soldier in modern America. During his conversation with the two CLUSH sections, Weinstein answered questions on his stances on marijuana legalization, bitcoin, birth control, gun control, abortion, and more. He also emphasized the importance of bipartisanship in his workings across the aisle to pass bills and other directives. During his year in the Ohio House of Representatives, Weinstein has voted in support of regulating firearms, protecting rights for the mentally ill, and establishing clean energy. His strong stance on environmental issues stems from personal experience with his daughter’s asthma, which is exacerbated by air pollution. This passion gives him an important personal connection to the issues he represents in the Ohio House. Because of his young age, Weinstein also offers a fresh perspective into issues facing the youth of Ohio.

CLUSH students took this opportunity to learn first hand about representatives after an in-depth unit on the U.S. Constitution, furthering their understanding of the material. They spent days exploring the specific duties of different seats in the government, including the House of Representatives. Meeting Weinstein allowed for students to not only explore our representative’s positions, but to also explore what exactly a representative’s daily life looks like. Weinstein has previous government experience on the City Council of Hudson. This prior experience certainly helped him to win the close election of 2018 for our district. Students also were afforded a chance to learn more about the workings of the government on a state, rather than a national, level. CLUSH students were massively thankful for this opportunity to further their learning about the U.S. Government with an actual politician.

-Camille Wheeler ’21

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