Artist Spotlight: Nini Wong

Meet Nini Wong ’20, the featured artist! Some things you may not know about her is that she was once in show choir and plays the piano. She also enjoys wearing black because it’s a blank and versatile canvas. As for her art, Wong specializes in ink drawings along with linoleum and screen painting.

Wong began to gain interest in art back in preschool; however, she credits her mother for encouraging her to pursue her interest in art. She also adds, “I think it was because Chinese was my first language, and I was put into preschool not knowing a lick of English, and art was the language I found that I could speak fluently.”

To create her works, Wong uses fine rollerball pens. As for the time taken for the creation process, Wong says that, depending on the size of her projects, it can range from 30 minutes to a month. And her inspiration? People’s daily struggles and happiness, as well as her own, influence her art. The purpose of her work is to bring attention to the mental health of teenagers as well as the struggles of Asian Americans since these are very important topics to her.

Some of Wong’s favorite artists include Meong-Minho, Natali Koromoto Martinez, and Dami Lee. She loves the way that they capture everyday life in their own ways, adding that, “Minho uses sentimental moments, Martinez creates drawings based off of her Venezuelan background and for Dami Lee, I see myself in her humor.” The similarities between all these artists are that they take part in themselves and use it as a basis for this work which is something that Wong admires very much.

In the future, Wong wants to design for companies like Two-Face and organize and plan activities. This is much like her campus project which is a way of creating interactive projects for Gen Z. In addition, she has an interest in also doing makeup and emphasizing Asian Americans’ struggles, discrimination, etc.

Wong believes that art allows us to communicate when words cannot as it is a universal language. For humans, who are visionary beings, it gets to the point. We can’t wait to see what Wong accomplishes next at Reserve and beyond!

-Angela Benzigar ’22

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