Spider Man Split (SPOILERS!)

For the real fans who have seen Far from Home, you might recall that the movie’s plot surrounds Peter Parker (a.k.a. SPIDER-MAN) as he takes a class trip to Europe. Like any other regular teen, he deals with crushes, bullies, and a two-faced illusion-armed villain dubbed Mysterio. Still, Peter overcomes all of this, saves the world and gets the girl (MJ, played by Zendaya). But, we find out during one of the notorious mid-credits scenes that false video footage blaming Spidey for Mysterio’s drone attack on London was released! What’s more, Spider-Man’s true identity is revealed to the whole world!

This cliffhanger must be resolved in the next movie, right? Wrong. Tom Holland’s Spider Man will no longer be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Disney (who owns Marvel) tried to make a deal with Sony (the studio that made the Spider-Man movies) to equally co-finance future movies. Sony rejected the offer, but proposed one similar to the one they had for Homecoming and FFH. However, Disney also refused this, so Spider Man is erased from the MCU.

Marvel cannot produce neither Holland’s, or any type of Spider Man. Sony has film rights to the character because Marvel sold it to them in 1996. The only reason Spider-Man was ever in the MCU is because Sony loaned Marvel the character back in 2015 as an agreement, which is now terminated.

Although Sony will continue to make more of Holland’s Spider Man films, many fans are understandably upset at this abrupt change and its effect on the plot, since Sony cannot use Marvel owned characters crucial to Peter’s storyline. Hannah Ma ’22 emotionally stated that she feels, “very very very sad,” mentioning Peter’s plot-central bond with mentor Tony Stark. Also affected will be Marvel’s Phase 4, which has a fresh group of Avengers succeeding the originals, as Spider-Man was supposed to be a key leader of this.

When Holland’s former fellow actors of the MCU were interviewed, they appeared upset and felt for Holland. However, if director Jon Favreau can be optimistic, so can you.

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