Resignation of Puerto Rican Government

Governor Ricardo Rosselló of Puerto Rico recently issued a statement declaring his intentions to resign on August 2nd. The announcement came amid a scandal involving text messages between Rosselló and 11 other political allies. In these texts, they mocked the victims of Hurricane Maria, which killed approximately 3,000 residents of Puerto Rico. Also included in the text messages were sexist and anti-LGBTQ comments, as well as derision of other well-known figures. 

At first, Rosselló refused to step down as governor when the text messages were leaked to the public. This incited protests and demonstrations throughout Puerto Rico, as well as pressure from influential people and the general public to resign from his position. The territory’s largest newspaper even ran the headline: “Governor, it’s Time to Listen to the People: You Must Resign.” Eventually, the public outcry became too much for Rosselló, who agreed to relinquish his position as governor. 

“[It] would endanger the success we have achieved,” said Rosselló, pointing to what would have happened had he remained governor of Puerto Rico. In his resignation video, he said: “What I wish most is peace and progress for my people”. This resulted in mass celebrations followed in the streets of the territory. On August 2nd, his resignation became effective, transferring the title of governor to Wanda Vázquez Garced. Many of the other officials involved in the scandal also stepped down. The protests have now departed disappeared along with the man who prompted them.

– Isabella Folio ’22

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