Mrs. Buck Begins Her Term

After a long national search for the new head of the school, Western Reserve Academy welcomed Mrs. Suzanne Walker Buck to its community. With her energetic speech given last year, many students, being impressed, have selected her and looked forward to having her in school. Students remembered Mrs. Buck vividly through her speech last year she made during morning meeting, dropping the mic after rapping her bio and goals for the Reserve community.

Zoe Lai ‘22 brings back her first impression of Mrs. Buck: “I felt sincerity through the video she sent to the whole community last year during morning meeting. She and her family’s warm greetings made me feel like she would try her best to make the school warm and pleasing place for both students and teachers.” Jin Lee ‘22 also talks about his excitement: “I am so excited for our new head of school. I cannot wait to see what change she will bring to Reserve. She seemed like she would bring a lot of energy to the community which is a beneficial atmosphere we need.”

Mrs. Buck previously worked at many different boarding schools, including Chatham Hall (VA) and New Hampton School (NH). Her deep engagement with boarding schools work as one of her biggest strengths in her job. During the day, she has a very different schedules each day commonly consists of greeting the students outside of Seymour hall, several meetings, and spending time with her family.

Mrs. Buck states her thoughts on the Reserve community: “The Reserve Community is kind, thoughtful, and inclusive. Our students are earnest, compassionate, and possess a great sense of humor. Our faculty and staff cares deeply about the student experience and for one another. The overall WRA community is composed of individuals who are committed to education and to being in relationship with one another.” Not only the strengths that Reserve has, she also states what Reserve must work in: “Not unlike the challenges confronted by other independent boarding and day schools in the United States, WRA must work diligently to help prospective students and families know of all of the amazing opportunities found within our school community. This is where videos, viewbooks, our social media presence, and admission visitor days make an enormous impact in celebrating our institutional strengths. As a school we will continue to advance our strategic efforts in these areas.”

While conveying excitement towards installation of our new head of school, Reserve community sends warm welcome to Mrs. Buck and her family. We hope that the Buck family will find themselves second home at Western Reserve Academy like we did ourselves. Like Mrs. Buck’s personal motto, we wish that everyone in the Reserve community “hoorays for life”, along with Mrs. Buck herself!

– Renee Oh ’22

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