Moos Gallery

The Moos Gallery is an art gallery located in the Knights Fine Arts Center. The Gallery is special to the Western Reserve Academy community because most of the displays are made by the students and teachers themselves. It’s always a good place to go when you want to see the artistic side of your fellow peers, and it’s always interesting to learn more about your friends and teachers through their art pieces. The choir, orchestra and band students have the madrigal festival and other performances, the dance students have the spring and fall performances, the acting students have school plays and the art students have the Moos Gallery.

The Moos Gallery is now not only a place to enjoy students’ art works, but this year it is also a place where you can see the amazing art of WRA alumni. According to Mr Buck, even though he and Mr Mudd are going to showcase more works from students and teachers, they are hoping to get the works from WRA alumni as well. It will be a treat for the eyes to see the works of students from different years on display at the same time. Mr Buck also said he is trying to invite two visiting artists from the local community. Right now, however, he and Mr Mudd are working on featuring art class students’ work for Parent’s Weekend. This will be an amazing chance for students in art courses to show off their amazing work. Since there are new types of art courses offered this year at WRA, it will be really fun to go and check out the new techniques of art.

Many of the art students here are looking forward to the exhibition. Esmé Cummins ’22 said that she especially enjoyed the 2D art exhibitions and photographs last year and hopes to see more of those in the gallery this year. The good news for Cummins is that even though we don’t have photography offered as a course here anymore, there will be photos taken by and of the environmental art students on display in the gallery. Katya Luchette ’22 is also very excited about the upcoming exhibition, as she likes the idea that the Moos Gallery is a place where students can freely express themselves through art.

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