Back to School Bash Brings Bliss

The Back To School Bash is a well known weekend event that people look forward to every year! The Bash is a great way to start off the year by meeting new people. It’s a wonderful opportunity to socialize with people that you normally don’t talk to or haven’t gotten the chance to talk to during preseason or the first couple weeks of school. Lots of people go every year, from all ages and grades. Faculty and their children are also seen around playing amongst themselves and even some students. Besides talking to your friends, there are tons of fun activities to entertain yourself with and food to relish in. There’s cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, and refreshments. There was also a DJ playing music and people dancing on the Ellsworth Patio. Some of the fun activities include: spinning hula hoops, playing a match of “tennis” or bean bag toss, or enjoying the plethora of games on the grass. This year we had temporary tattoos so that you could flaunt your Reserve spirit. Of course the Bash wouldn’t be the same without everyone’s favorite part of the night; the famous Rocket Cars that are always a big hit. Unlike last year, this year’s lines to wait to ride the rocket cars were efficient and quick. The faculty and PWA had created a new numbering system that allowed you to still enjoy all the fun of the bash, while holding your spot in line. Starting with seniors and ending with freshmen, this year’s lines were short and avoided the tedious waiting of years past. Last but not least, the Back To School Bash wouldn’t be the same without getting your annual t-shirt! People had a great time, and it was a great way to kick off the school year.

– Norah Woods ’22

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