Artist Spotlight: Esme

The Artist Spotlight for this issue of the Reserve Record is Esme Cummins ’22. Some of her favorite mediums are drawing and photography, though she has recently started to learn to throw clay on a pottery wheel. A technique that Cummins uses when she draws is to draw in pencil without color. She states that this is a really helpful technique for shading, especially if you are still learning how to shade or refine your shadings. One of Cummins’s favorite drawings that she has done is a piece she did of a woman. “I think it is one of my best art pieces so far, because it is somewhat realistic, and I really enjoyed drawing it,” said Cummins when asked about the drawing. On the other hand, her favorite photo she has taken is a picture of her younger brother and older sister silhouetted against a sunset. Having been an artist for a long while now, Cummins reflects that she “can’t remember a time that [she] didn’t like to draw.” As for photography, her interest was sparked in 7th grade when she thought it would be something “cool to explore,” and she ended up really enjoying it. Almost every artist can think of a person, group, or idea that inspires them to create. Cummins’s main inspirations are her mother and older sister. She recalls that they are both amazing at drawing and have taught her most of what she knows about it. She is also inspired by artists in general who make their work public. She notes that “I know how hard it is to share your work with others, so I look up to all of them.” When asked if there was any advice she could give to aspiring artists working in the same areas as herself, Cummins suggested, “Stay with it. It takes a lot of time and practice to get the results that you want. Just be patient, don’t give up, and you will get there.” Cummins’s creativity and positivity are certainly appreciated by the Western Reserve Academy community, and we can’t wait to see what she creates next.

-Hannah Ma ’22

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