Weinzierl Winds Up Back at WRA

This new school year Western Reserve Academy gained multiple new faculty members, one of them being Michael Weinzierl ’11. Michael is familiar with the school as he is a WRA alum, but this year he is joining the school as an intern. After graduating from the WRA, Weinzierl came to the realization of its massive impact on him, as he was able to thrive in all aspects of life. Previously, he was a scientist doing marine research for both the United States and Saudi Arabian governments. Now he has decided to repay WRA by improving it through “imbibing it with fresh energy and instilling a more nature-minded look.” In terms of the energy, Weinzierl hopes to create a student club “to utilize the recording studio in the basement of Ellsworth,” and he also wants to increase “live music at Reserve.” As for the latter, Weinzierl is bringing his marine scientist background through his intent of “reviving the aquariums in the basement of Wilson” and “rejuvenating the school’s greenhouse and community garden.” In addition to all of this, he is coaching volleyball, swimming, and track, as well as teaching a spring ECHO about ocean science. Outside of school, Weinzierl is a swimmer, water polo player, SCUBA divemaster, professional drummer, gardener, and he also designs aquariums and terrariums for exotic animals. Weinzierl is obviously a positive addition to our faculty, and we’re all excited to see his accomplishments this year!

– Hannah Ma ’22

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