Spano Starts Anew

Western Reserve Academy recently completed the Campaign for Excellence and Access Project with the re-opening of Seymour Hall. In addition to the newly renovated campus, there has also been an arrival of new faculty around campus, one of whom is Jill Spano, a new biology teacher. Spano grew up in Ohio, moved away for college and eventually made her way back to Ohio, living in Hudson since 2001. She attended Smith College, receiving her degree in biology. Later, Spano continued studying biology, (focusing on marine biology) at Northeastern University, where she received her Master’s degree. Spano’s inspiration for becoming a teacher started “while I was in graduate school, I had to teach a lab course. I found myself looking forward to that part of my day more than anything else, and knew that teaching was what I wanted to do. After that, I begin teaching camps, after school programs, and eventually made my way into teaching full time.” She now resides in Hudson with her husband (John), who is also a high school science teacher, two children Josie (14) and AJ (12), and her Airedale terrier named Maggie. Though Spano does not live on the WRA campus, she is still very accessible living about 1 mile away from school. Previously, Spano taught at Hathaway Brown School for 16 years, but when asked how she has felt about his transition into the school Spano replied, “I am loving WRA so far! The community has been so welcoming and the students are amazing. I have enjoyed working in the community where I live. I am excited about being more involved in the WRA community and connecting with students outside of the classroom.” Along with teaching Spano will also be assisting the JV girls basketball team, as well as the varsity softball team this year. Spano’s hope for her students is that she wishes they “take away a love for learning after being in my classroom. I want students to see the real world application of what they are learning. I also really stress being a good community member. It’s important that students in my class learn to respect their peers and adults in their lives. I hope that I am a good role model for students.” We here at Western Reserve Academy are very fortunate to have such amazing and dedicated teachers. Jill Spano will be a wonderful addition to our community this year!

– Norah Woods ‘22

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