Seymour Reopens in a New Century

As the members of the Western Reserve Academy community have no doubt noticed, we have left the Learning Community, or “pods,” of last year. Yes, although the long walks, the classes in the cold, paper-thin walls and erratic air conditioning provided by the pods will doubtless be missed, construction has been completed on the renovations to Seymour Hall and the pods have left beautiful Hudson, Ohio. The current building was 101 years old, so although it was loved for its rich history, some parts of Seymour were in need of an update. Construction began in May 2017 and was completed in August of 2018 so that the changes could be finished before the beginning of this year. The day before classes began, the building was officially opened to all students as Student Body Co-Presidents Zohaib Malik ’19 and Nupur Malhotra ’19 cut the ceremonial ribbon.

Construction took place throughout the 2017-2018 school year and the summers on either end of that school year. As far as the changes that were made, there were many, but several stood out as the most essential.

One such change was the implementation of geothermal heating and cooling, used to sustainably control the temperature inside Seymour. Inside the building, small rooms for students and faculty to work together as well as a downstairs faculty room were added to encourage collaboration. Electric locks were added to all classroom and office doors to keep the people of WRA safe, and an elevator has been added for accessibility. Outside, the sidewalks around the building were all redone, while the roof remains mostly original to the hall.

The building is over 4,000 square feet in size, has 63 new geothermal heating and cooling wells, and 4,600 window panes. The building now has 29 classrooms (from previously containing 24), all with LED lighting.

Now that we’ve enjoyed the new-and-improved Seymour Hall for several weeks, it’s important to appreciate all the changes done to improve our beloved building.

– Matthew Bloom ’19

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