Salutations, Shriver

Jordan Shriver, originally from Ohio, has returned to Midwest after working as a college admissions officer in Colorado to become the Associate Director of Admission and Coordinator of International Admission in the Admissions Office. He choose Western Reserve Academy because he loves working closely with students as well as the benefit of living closer to his family. It has only been a few weeks, but he is already enjoying his time at WRA, appreciating how welcoming the community has been and how active the students are in both academics and extracurriculars. He appreciates WRA’s unique ability to work with students in multiple facets. In the Admissions Office, he works with prospective students and families, getting the chance to mold the future of the school. Outside of the office, he can be found coaching the football team or spending time with his wife in The Athenaeum. When asked if there was anything important for the students to know about him, he replied “my wife and I have two dogs, Pace the Bernese mountain dog and Charlotte the Lab mix. They absolutely love attention, so feel free to stop and give them a pet if you see them on campus!”

– Tori Kramer ‘20

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