Psyched to See Schultz

Maria Schultz is a new Spanish teacher at Western Reserve Academy. Her career path started off as a corporate attorney in Puerto Rico, which involved cases for corporate real estate companies and several political campaigns. In 2010, Schultz and her son, Francisco Blanco ’18, moved to Ohio from Puerto Rico, Francisco then went to Old Trail School, and later chose to attend Western Reserve Academy for high school. When Francisco started school at WRA, Maria was simultaneously following her passion for Spanish literature, by getting her Master’s degree in the subject at Kent State University. During her time at Kent State University, she found a passion for teaching, “While at Kent, I was invited to teach Spanish while I finished up my degree. It was through this experience at Kent State that I discovered my love for teaching and sharing my culture.” At her son’s graduation she heard that WRA was looking for a new Spanish teacher, and immediately reached out to the school about the opening. Maris is looking forward to sharing her love and knowledge for the Hispanic culture and language at WRA, “I am most looking forward to sharing, with my students and the whole WRA family, my love and passion for Spanish language, culture, and Latin American/Caribbean politics.” Schultz has been a part of the WRA community as a parent, and now as a teacher. We should be very excited to see how she will inspire our community at WRA.

– Emily Brackin ‘22

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