Oughta Love Ott

Tiffany Ott is a new math teacher at Western Reserve Academy. Ott heard about the school through social media, communicating with a current WRA math teacher through Twitter. She was then invited to take a tour of the school. Ott states ”I was able to visit several teachers’ classrooms and enjoyed seeing the learning happening here.” Less than two weeks later, Elizabeth Wirtz, a long-time math teacher at the school, announced her retirement . Wirtz’s retirement, Ott was again contacted by a WRA math teacher and suggested that she apply for the opening spot. Ott noted that after several interviews, meetings and phone calls she was hired, and now teaches math 11. She has an abundance of experience teaching math to students of all ages, as she has taught math to 3rd graders all the way up to 10th graders. Her inspiration to teaching mathematics stemmed from an unreal experience where she taught students in Dublin, Ireland math and science. She described this experience, saying “that really got me started on the path I am today, as I had an opportunity to see a very different school system and start to think about teaching and learning in a different way.” Ott loves math commenting, “I have always enjoyed the rhythmic simplicity of being able to apply a set of rules and principles to a complex math problem and seeing it transform into something you can understand.” We welcome Tiffany Ott to the math department and wonderful WRA community!

– Pritam Garcha ‘22

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