Infinite Mirrors at the Art Museum

Recently, the Cleveland Museum of Art was home to a spectacular collection called “Infinite Mirrors.” The collection’s artist, Yayoi Kusama, had been known for repetitive paintings and paperwork early in her career, but Infinite Mirrors was a breakthrough in her art. Infinite Mirrors brought the kaleidoscope effect of her paintings into a 360-degree sensory experience. The mirror rooms were boxes where all the surfaces are mirrors that reflect off each other, allowing those who stand within it the opportunity to experience the sense of being in an infinite environment. Although each guest was limited to thirty seconds in each mirror room, it was plenty of time to immerse yourself in this surreal experience.

Kusama began making mirror exhibits in the 1960s and has produced over 20 rooms since. These works are inspired by hallucinations she experienced as a result of mental illness, and which she wanted to express. Although the lantern room is the most popular, there are other rooms and paintings from her such as “All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins.”

In other parts of the museum, you could see more of Kusama’s work in the modern art gallery with her sculptures. The sculptures also featured repetition and were relaxing yet also engaging to see. The art that Kusama makes is incredible in the way it engages all the senses at once. It can be touched, seen, heard, and in some rooms, the viewer even gets to engage with the work. In the “Obliteration Room,” viewers helped color the room to create something else. The experience of Infinite Mirrors was well worth the $30 ticket price, and the exhibit remained on display at the Cleveland Museum of Art until September 30.

– Camille Wheeler ’21

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