Incredibles 2 Review

The Incredibles 2. Superheroes are coming back with Elastigirl as the lead figure. However, a new villain has risen as well, using the power of technology to control people’s minds. The Parrs must not only defeat Screen Slaver but also deal with their own problems.

Okay, I know reviews should start with the positives, but I’m starting with the negative. The villain is pretty underwhelming. Maybe it’s just because Syndrome was awesome, but Screen Slaver felt like a typical Marvel movie villain. Plus, as Disney loves doing this nowadays, their identity has to come in a twist.

Okay, positives time. MAN, this film is great! The entire cast is amazing, especially Craig T. Nelson as Mr. Incredible and Holly Hunter as Elastigirl. (Oh, yeah, Sam Jackson returns as Frozone, but we all knew he’d rock.) The animation style is amazing. It manages to modernize the first film’s style without getting unfamiliar. The animation also helps with the incredible (ba-dum-tss) action, using so many powers in such unique manners.

But the Incredibles don’t stick to action. They have plenty of family problems too. There’s math, boy trouble, powers, and issues about getting to do what they love. These problems not only have some great laughs, but they also have genuine emotional moments too.

Perhaps the best part of this movie is the anticipation we all had for it. Yes, I love Marvel and Star Wars. But their super large series gets new chapters so close together it’s a little hard to get super excited sometimes. Meanwhile, Brad Bird had us wait fourteen years for Incredibles 2, building up the hype all this time. So for the satisfaction after waiting so long, I’m going to give one of this year’s best movies an A.

– Sam Hoffman ’19

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