Flik Dining

As any person will tell you, food is very important. It fuels you, influences your mood, affects your lifestyle, and can be quite tasty. Here, at Western Reserve Academy, a large portion of us live on campus and eat most of our meals in the dining hall. So, I think it is appropriate to ask… WRA’s school food: yay or nay?

I sent out a survey to get a better idea of what the student body as a whole thought of the quality of our dining hall food. About half of students think the food is “so much better than other schools’ food.” About half, when asked if they like the food, agree that the food is “so-so.” Several students felt that the food’s quality fluctuates. 70% of students, however, think that the dining options are diverse. Students say they like all of the options and diversity the dining hall offers, as well as their personal favorite dishes, whether that be the pasta, the ice cream bar, or waffles. When asked how their dining hall experience could improve, answers ranged from quicker lines, to better cooked chicken, to more vegetarian/vegan options.

Personally, as a student who transferred from a public school where mold could be found in the food more often than you would like to know, I think WRA’s school food is fantastic. The food is healthier than what I’m used to, and you get much more diversity, as well as larger portions. The kitchen staff does their best to provide a diverse selection of dishes, make them taste great, and present them well. The staff themselves are very nice and accommodating during both SPAR (our school’s give-back service program) and meals.

Now, maybe you do not like the way a particular dish was cooked, but there are always more options. As many people expressed, there’s quite a bit of variety represented among the food. From gourmet dishes to classics like toast or cereal, there is something for everyone. If you happen to have an allergy or another food restriction, ask and you will receive. Plus, if you’re looking for a fresher, healthier option, the salad bar is always open and is always fresh.

Of course, everyone has a different opinion. Maybe you live for the Dining Hall’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or maybe you’d rather get Starbucks or Panera. However, I, for one, say “yay” to most of the meals found in Ellsworth Hall. Thanks FLIK Dining!

-Isabella Folio ‘22

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