Film Crew on Campus

On Saturday, August 25th, a film crew by the name of The Film Guys arrived at Western Reserve Academy to start a new school promotion video. They were very excited to begin this project and had participated in discussions with various students in order to choose the kind of video that would suit the school best. Their decision was to make a musical, showcasing different students and staff members rapping about WRA in order to reveal the daily lives of students.

The Communications Office was very excited about partnering with The Film Guys, seeing the success of their previous promotional video for King’s Academy. They loved the crew’s uniqueness in filmmaking, the way they incorporate wit and humor, and their ability to tell stories. The communications office is very enthusiastic about the outcome of the video, and so are the staff and students.

The Film Guys immersed themselves in WRA culture by eating in Ellsworth Dining Hall, attending Morning Meetings, and hanging out in the Green Key. It helped them greatly in understanding WRA life, which was a great help to them as they worked to finish what they call their most challenging project.

Nevertheless, The Film Guys have enjoyed every bit of the process, and they hope that everyone likes the video as much as they do.

Check out WRA’s Youtube account in order to view the finished project.

– Tano Nguyen ’19

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