Crazy Rich Asians Review

When I first encountered the trailer for Crazy Rich Asians while scrolling through YouTube, I had thought, Great, another white director who was going to stereotype Asians into a whitewashed cheesy af movie. Needless to say, I did not watch the trailer and it eventually faded from my memory.

Flash forward to a couple months later, the Crazy Rich Asians trailer becomes trending on YouTube and the two main actors are featured on The Ellen Show, piquing my interest. Further looking into this movie, I found out that Crazy Rich Asians was in fact based off a book written by an Asian author. The movie would be produced by an Asian director and the cast would consist primarily of Asian actors. My attitude towards the movie immediately changed; finally,  there would be a movie showcasing Asian culture without “Chinese accents” being the butt of a joke. For those of you who haven’t heard of Crazy Rich Asians, the story is essentially a romantic dramedy about an Asian couple who are dating in New York. Nick, the boyfriend, invites his girlfriend, Rachel, to his home country of Singapore where Rachel learns that Nick is the heir of a vast family fortune. Throughout the movie, Rachel must deal with jealous girlfriends, disapproving mothers, and the unfamiliar world of the bourgeoisie. While I sat in the reclining chairs of regal cinema, I immediately heard “Tian Mi Mi”, a famous Chinese song that my dad would often play for me in the car. As the movie progressed, I was pleasantly surprised that most of the soundtrack was Chinese music. However, the music was only a small fraction of what made this movie so great. The cast was amazing; the actors for Rachel and Nick were both extremely attractive and had great on-screen chemistry. The setting, as well as the costumes and the extravagant houses, were beautiful eye candy that I couldn’t get enough of. I appreciated how the movie wasn’t just in English; it incorporated plenty of Chinese dialect into its dialogue. From this movie, I could feel the appreciation for Asian culture, evoking a nostalgia within me that made me laugh and cry. This movie didn’t stereotype at all and told it like it is. Leaving the theater in tears, my five dollars well spent, I couldn’t help but want to watch the movie again. I highly recommend this movie to everyone!

– Amy Zhou ’19

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