Back to School Bash Brings Bliss

On Saturday August 25, Western Reserve Academy students were treated to the spectacular Back to School Bash (also known as BTSB) put together by The Pioneer Women’s Association on the patio of Ellsworth Hall. The BTSB is an annual mixer event that not only welcomes everyone back to school, but also gets everyone together in a fun environment where new students and returning students can meet and make friends.

The BTSB is known as one of the highlighted events of the year. It is an event that gets the school year started with a BANG! You have the chance to have a fun night hanging out with your friends and meeting new people. There is amazing food, lively music, and different activities. “The Back To School Bash allowed me to meet and get to know the people I’m going to be spending the next four years with,” explained Annie Cui ‘22.

The kitchen staff never fails to provide us with a meal that everyone loves. “The cotton candy was delectable!” Molly McCracken ‘22 remarked. The dining hall and PWA produced an amazing cookout along with some carnival themed treats, including cotton candy, snow cones, and buttered popcorn. Many people thought the food was the best part of the night, but the highest rated favorite was the Rocket Car, which took students on rides throughout the streets of Hudson.

Besides dancing to music and playing games on the lawn, WRA students were sent home with a keepsake: a 2018 Back To School Bash t-shirt. “The shirts this year were better, the design was more interesting and had a better representation of what happened,” Helena Souffrant ‘21 said. The shirts from this year have been seen all over campus and are very popular.

This year, the Back To School Bash was definitely fun. Students that have attended this event in the past said that there were a few things missing. “I wish there were inflatables!” exclaimed Aline Dominguez ‘21. “There should have been more games,” insisted Olivia Hrivnak ‘21. However, the Back To School Bash was a success overall. Students old and new had an incredible experience making friends, bonding, and riding the Rocket Car for the first or last time.

– Claire Lovas ’22

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