A New Year Brings Many Changes to Reserve

During the past year, Western Reserve Academy welcomed a lot of new changes to the campus. One of the most obvious visible differences is that the beloved Learning Community (more commonly known as the pods, the temporary academic residence for the 2017-2018 school year) next to the tennis courts have become a parking lot once more, allowing more space for visitors. Seymour Hall reopened in August, incorporating the Mathematics, English, Modern & Foreign Languages, and History departments all in its three stories, serving as the main academic building once again.

Furthermore, Reserve has adopted a new system that enables students to print and receive printed papers more conveniently than ever before. Last year, students could only go to the library in order to print out materials, and access to printers in other areas around the campus was typically restricted to faculty. This year, however, people can scan and use their student IDs on every WRA printer to get their papers printed anywhere. “It’s so convenient!” exclaimed Ellie Frato-Sweeney ‘20. “It only takes a couple minutes. Last year, I’d have to schedule time to go to the library and try to print.”

Last but not least, there are certain course changes that were made. The literacies program was expanded. Sophomores, for example, are now required to take Learning to Live Well and Learning to Communicate which teach both communication skills and basic life skills. This allows the sophomores to learn about other things during class seminars.

Additionally, a course on Greek has been added to the Modern & Foreign Languages department and is now a popular one-year language, taught by beloved faculty member Jeffery Namiotka.

Although some changes may be difficult to adapt to, soon enough, WRA students will embrace the changes for the year ahead.

– Angela Mi ’21

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