School Rents out Empty Dorm Rooms on Airbnb

If you need somewhere to crash and don’t want to miss all of the action and activities on campus, look no further! Due to the excess amount of space in North Hall, the Deans’ Office voted unanimously to lease out extra rooms on the temporary lodging site Airbnb. This change began at the start of the month, and the Deans’ have been strangely quiet through this whole transition. However, Mrs. Skinner in her official press statement said, “North Hall is a fine dorm, and the consumers should have a chance to stay in it! We even have renovated the rooms that the guests will be staying in. To distract from the crooked ceilings and faulty radiators, we have added various amenities such as free shampoo and bottled water. Here at the WRA we like to ‘pioneer’ new ways for innovation, and Airbnb is just the way to do it! I acknowledge that there may be some conflicts with this announcement, but I know our grit and resilience will triumph.” With this change, there has been a large surge of tourism on campus. Places such as the Loomis Observatory, the second oldest observatory in the US, and the brand new Learning Community (or as commonly referred to as the “pods”). Many Airbnbers are even enjoying the fine food available at the esteemed Ellsworth Hall. Doug Dimmadome, a tourist staying in one of these vacant rooms, stated, “I really like the whole. One time, a couple of the kids invited me into the bathroom to join them in a signature ‘North Hall sauna.’ We really enjoyed ourselves, and a lot of secrets came out while we soaked in the hot steam. In addition to that, I’ve learned a lot of new things like how Saturdays are for the boys and real sad guy hours. 10/10 would recommend.” However, many students are skeptical of this administrative decision. Concerns about student safety are commonly voiced. Zachary Broom, a boarder in North who calls himself Swaggy Z, commented, “Although I see where the administration is coming from, I do think that allowing randos off the street can cause internal problems. Here in North, we pride ourselves in being a brotherhood and allowing strangers, who may or may not follow the communal rules, may disrupt our way of life.” Many North Hall residents may or may not agree with Broom, but the important thing is to come together and show these out-of-towners a good time.

– Cashew Harkins ’19

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