Burner Announces Plan to Hold All Remaining Morning Meetings at Once

Yes, it is true. Word has spread through the grapevine that Mr. Burner is sick of attending morning meetings. When asked about why he chose to make this decision, Burner responded, “morning meeting gets in the way of my sleep schedule, and since I sit at the very front, I unfortunately can’t get away with sleeping like many of the students”. After talks with some students, all agreed that morning meeting tended to be a waste of time, especially since you could receive most of the information from the “Morning Meeting Updates.” Some students wonder why we don’t just have the updates every week instead of actual morning meeting. But the key to ending this unrest could be one final morning meeting. However, as of right now, Mr. Burner is in discussions as to what the best way to accomplish this will be. One idea is to cancel classes on a Monday or Friday and instead hold a marathon of morning meetings announcements where all senior speeches future events will be announced, and where we will mumble the WRA alma mater numerous times to get it over with. Students will be encouraged to take detailed notes much to their dismay. A student wishing to remain anonymous commented, “I think this is a great idea, but honestly I would prefer a free day instead.” This could be a potentially controversial decision by Mr. Burner, but I think we can all agree that the hours of time saved from no more morning meeting will make it all worth it.

– Romir Basil ’19

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